Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rough Seas - Safe Harbour

The weather forecast is bleak - high winds and rough seas ahead. It starts ever so gently, a slight change in the wind, the swell gradually increasing and the radar indicates adversity lies ahead. Here you are in open seas at the mercy of mother nature and you know that you are heading into a difficult and potentially painful situation that will be require precise navigation to make it through. You will need to be vigilent, exact in your actions and ready for whatever challenge presents itself before you. Most of all, it's all hands on deck. This storm has the potential to be brutal and destructive - are you ready for it?

Three years ago, I was in the middle of that storm. I was experiencing emotional pain like never before. I was feeling as though everything I had done for the past 20 years of my working life was in vain. I questioned every facet of my being, wondering why I was the way I was. Trying to hang onto the faintest piece of self-worth after being pinned under the weight of doubt, fear and worthlessness that had seen my career shatter before my eyes.

At the time is was brutal and hard to understand why would my God, a God of love and mercy would put me through such an ordeal. What had I done that was so wrong that would see me endure an emotional turmoil that questioned my life, where I was going, why I was here and what the future may hold. There were days where I happily stayed inside with blinds closed to keep the pain that the world was throwing at me out.

Fast forward three years... I have not returned to the workplace. This is not because I am still pinned under that weight of worthlessness but because that adversity gave me a new direction. I recently shared this story with a beautiful woman of God, Grace Evans and with just a few words, I saw the trauma with a whole new perspective. I was being reborn for something new. Just as a woman endures hours of pain to give birth to her child, I had to endure the rough seas to realise that my life was about to find new purpose.

Perhaps you are experiencing adversity now and questioning what the past 5, 10, 20 or even more years have been about. Believe this - that none of the past was a waste and not one part of your life, be it joy or pain is without reason. Without it you could not be prepared for what lies ahead. God gives us storms so that we grow stronger and rely on him more. Throughout my storm, I cried, yelled and made it evidently clear to God how unfair I felt the adversity was. I told Him to stop it. I told Him enough. After doing that, I told Him I trusted Him and handed over control as I needed help to navigate a path to a safe harbour.

Whatever you are experiencing, don't see it as punishment. You need to accept that God is moving. Perhaps He has something so awesome in store for you that to make it happen, you need to grow stronger in an area of your life. Maybe He needs to get your attention (He certainly had mine) to be able to change your attitude, soften your heart, get your life in perspective and move you forward into an amazing opportunity that He has been waiting to give to you.

I know that I wasn't listening to God the way I should have. I know that I was too weak to make the decision I needed to so He made it for me. At the time I didn't understand why however now, I can see that it was to bring me to a point of submission and willingness to stop controlling my life and to let him take over.

Don't fight against the storm. Instead engage the Master of Navigation and let Him guide you through. The seas will still be rough, the storm may be fierce however, in the midst of it you will find the most amazing Captain at the helm who can guide and direct you to a safe harbour - one where the seas are calm and you are safe and securely tethered.