Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Coffee warms the heart

If you know me you know I love coffee. From one who only started drinking coffee a few years ago, I now love the smell, taste and a good strong coffee is divine. Recently, I was blessed to spend some precious time with a long-time girlfriend over a cup of coffee. It was simply wonderful to sit, chat and then do a little retail therapy on a laid back Friday afternoon.

We live in the same town, our children have spent time together and our friendship goes back 25+ years. Yet our moments together are too few. The weeks of life trundle past and still no coffee and chat. It seems ridiculous to be so close and yet spend so little time together. I know we have families, work, house and everything else that makes up a busy life however, surely there is more catchup time available.

Looking back it was one of the best Friday afternoons I have had in a long time. NO rush, no work just a casual and relaxed cuppa with a friend. If you are feeling disconnected from life and needing more time with friends. Pick up the phone, text or phone and set that coffee time. It will warm the heart and the world can wait.





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Monday, September 24, 2012

Light up the Room

Your smile lights up the room
It reaches every corner
Darkness is gone
And warmth enters

Smile more and share your joy
Bless those around you
My heart sings when you smile
And the world smiles too

Image: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Daily-Dose

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Tears of a mother

Breathe.  Regain composure and face the day ahead.  Today, is a tough one with a wave of emotions coming to the surface and struggling to keep them at bay.  Tears of a mother...one who is so concerned about the future of her child that it is constantly in her mind.  

He is finding his way and enduring the challenge of securing employment in a town where there is not much on offer for his age and skill set.  Today as I opened my devotion and searched for wisdom for this journey, the words were very clear.

"The privilege of motherhood", "Awesome responsibility" and "No greater ministry than that of being a mother".  Sounds pretty overwhelming and at this moment, it feels that way too.

If I didn't care so much, the tears wouldn't be there.  This precious child who has so much to offer this world, that has consumed 19 years of my life, has brought such joy to our lives...is bringing tears to my eyes.

I never expected in my wildest dreams that this age and stage of his life would be so hard.  You just want to share your knowledge and wisdom from years of living in an effort to help them come to their fullest potential.  However, they need to want to receive it.

My prayer... that my precious son finds the direction and opportunities that he needs to create a life that is full of love and laughter.  May he find happiness in relationships, fulfillment, confidence and a career that he just 'fits' into and feels passionate about.

As the tears fall once again, I will seek comfort in that God knows what lies ahead and that he will provide the wisdom and a guiding hand through these challenging days.


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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Frustration sets in and can be followed with anger and general unhappiness.  When we decided to have children, it would have been nice if  the 'a how-to guide to successful parenting' was provided and customised to each individual child.  While those toddler years were exhausting, the teenage ones are not much better.  Yes, I am not having to get up through the night to deal with feeding or crying children instead, my mind fills with worry about my children and every parents wish that they, the children, could see what we see after forty plus years of experience.  

As the mother of 19 and 15 year old boys, I find these past couple of years challenging as they are moving towards independence and of course, what would parents know.  At this age, they share their opinion, challenge authority and seek a carefree life away from rules.  Reality (as parents know), is that life is far from carefree.  There is always responsibility that comes with independence.  There is always a trade-off and decision made will bring either good or bad consequences.

I love my boys and thank God for them, the joy, the tears and the frustration that comes from being a parent.  Life would not be as full if they were not here.  This makes me think about God and his children.  How many times do you think he raises palm to forehead and says "Doh!", when we don't or won't listen to him. The frustration, the tears, the sadness when we forget to listen and instead go our own selfish way through this world.  His heart breaks every time we put him last, forget to have that devotion, leave him out of decisions and then make a poor choice that lands us in hot water.  I can see him sitting on his throne, shaking his head and saying, 'why don't they just listen for I know the answer".

The most amazing thing about being a parent is that no matter what your child does (or doesn't do), no matter how far they stray, no matter the hurt you feel, you will always love them - unconditionally.   God is the same.  He sacrificed his only son so that we could be his children and call him Father.  Never does he give up on us.  Never does he stop loving us.  Never will he leave us.  Never....never...never.

It doesn't mean that we should take him for granted for one day we have to answer to God just as we expect our children to answer to authority.  As a parent, I feel I  have missed the mark at times however, through his mercy, I can seek forgiveness.  That same forgiveness, needs to be applied to my children too. 

I remember when they were little I would sweep them up in my arms, smothering them with kisses - these are memories that will never be forgotten.  God is ready to sweep you up in his arms too.  To give you the warmest of cuddles and a kiss on the forehead that lets you know that all is okay and you are loved no matter what you have done.

Unconditional love.  It knows no boundaries, it never ceases, it never gives up.  I can only pray that I provide to my children the same level of unconditional love that my Father shows me.


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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Days of Doubt

I'm not good enough for this!  Ever said that to yourself?  Have you ever doubted your abilities, potential, strength, courage?  I can tell you that I definately have and at times, still do.  I have my ups and downs - days of doubt - when you are convinced that you are working well outside your zone and just want to crawl back into that safe, comfortable spot where life just trundles along and you feel at ease with all that you have to do.

What I have come to realise is that with God, there is no safe zone.  He will challenge you and make you step into areas that are unfamiliar, uncomfortable and certainly at the time, unwanted.  Every aspect in you life he can choose to challenge you with.  These challenges are not to be feared but to be welcomed.  Why?  For it is through the tough, uncomfortable, unfamiliar times, that God teaches you to have self-belief, to have courage, to have strength, to have trust and most of all to have faith that he knows best.  

We cannot survive on our own.  Without faith, I would have crumbled some time ago and it is this faith that enables you to face the fiercest of battles, the strongest of foes and the days of doubt.  Faith that someone, bigger and stronger than you already knows the outcome.  He knows how long you will endure it, he knows the doubt you will feel, he knows that the tears will be there and with his strength, you will come out the other side.

For many the battle may be only beginning, for others you may be in the midst of it all and feeling overwhelmed.  Stand firm, believe, trust and have faith that God, the same God that calmed the seas and healed the sick, is standing beside you - he has your back!   Face those days of doubt head on and work through the challenge one day at a time.


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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Need to Breathe

I recently took a few days away from my business to reset and refocus.  The world seemed to be spinning fast lately and I needed to slow down and chill - just for a moment.  I needed to breathe.  My head was full of questions and no answers.  Over the past few weeks, I have found myself questioning (again) my purpose, my path and my legacy.  I had been feeling like the weeks, months and years are flying by and I am not making progress but wasting hours.  

Perhaps it is the fresh, spring weather here that has prompted these thoughts.  I see such glorious days and feel that there is more to life than what I am experiencing.  My mind wanders back to what now feels like 'days of freedom'  where much time was spent hanging out with friends, slipping away for weekends and enjoying this magnificent world.  These days seem so far behind now.  Yes, our life changed, we had two beautiful sons and have enjoyed watching them grow up however, now the days are calling for more.

More of what?  I don't know.  I challenge my own thoughts - those of relocating and moving away in the hope of finding a fresh and exciting new life.  Dreams of having an amazing business that provides high levels of self-fulfillment and purpose.  A life where I find contentment, peace and one where I feel so richly blessed by the love of God, my family and feel 'at home'.   However, the more I think, the more confused I feel.  

In a devotion the other day, I told God that I needed  a big neon sign right about now that says, 'This Way' - just to confirm that I am on the right track.  About the same time, my devotion was talking about the importance of family - "Cherish the time in your home with the ones you love.  Your family - not your career, your hobby, your ministry, even your friends - is to be a top priority.....realise the importance of keeping your home safe and warm - a haven for your family."   Once again, God has stopped me in my steps and challenged my thoughts.  Gotta love him when he throws something complete random into the mix - staying at home was never on my to-do list.

What about you?  Are you struggling to breathe in this fast-paced, demanding world?  Take the time to ask God to show you where you need to be however, be prepared that the answer may not be what you are expecting.  His plan and his timing is perfect so if you are having the 'great debate' in your mind, have faith that while there may not be all the answers right now, the answers will come.


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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Restless Soul

It is there. It does not leave. It taunts my mind, tests my patience, tosses my soul as though it is a feather in the breeze.  Continually challenging my thoughts and pushing me to seek more.  I am tired, exhausted from this constant searching to find my way.  After years of searching at times it feels as though I am no closer.  I feel just as far away as I have always been.  Who is me?  Why has God put me here?  What do I have to offer this world?

The problem is that I can do so much.  The ideas whiz around the head with a multitude of possible directions to take.   This morning I have prayed for this ongoing restlessness to cease.  The constant search is exhausting - mentally, emotionally and physically.

Today, I started the day differently.  I chose to start with fresh air and sunshine in the hope that I may be inspired by such glorious spring weather.  Clear the mind and renew the senses!  I returned home to a hot cuppa and devotion and as I opened my bible to Job here come these words...

Job  33:14 "For God does speak - now one way, now another - though man may not perceive it."

and then...

Job 33:  31 - 33 "Pay attention, Job and listen to me; be silent, and I will speak.  If you have anything to say, answer me, speak up, for I want you to be cleared.  But if not, then listen to me, be silent and I will teach you wisdom."

How often we feel the need to control our direction when perhaps what we need is simply to listen.  To stop analysing and searching and wait for the answer.  'Ask and you shall receive' we are told however, I probably often ask but then Little Miss Impatient shows up and forgets about the waiting to receive.  

This amazing God who knows so much more than I do, can handle so much more than I can and who is so loving, forgiving and generous.  I know that His plan is better than mine ever could be and that when I go off on my wild, outlandish dreams, he is there to reign me in and bring me back on track with gentle hands and love.  Perhaps this is my time to sit down, be quiet, listen and continue the rediscovery!