Monday, September 17, 2012

Tears of a mother

Breathe.  Regain composure and face the day ahead.  Today, is a tough one with a wave of emotions coming to the surface and struggling to keep them at bay.  Tears of a who is so concerned about the future of her child that it is constantly in her mind.  

He is finding his way and enduring the challenge of securing employment in a town where there is not much on offer for his age and skill set.  Today as I opened my devotion and searched for wisdom for this journey, the words were very clear.

"The privilege of motherhood", "Awesome responsibility" and "No greater ministry than that of being a mother".  Sounds pretty overwhelming and at this moment, it feels that way too.

If I didn't care so much, the tears wouldn't be there.  This precious child who has so much to offer this world, that has consumed 19 years of my life, has brought such joy to our bringing tears to my eyes.

I never expected in my wildest dreams that this age and stage of his life would be so hard.  You just want to share your knowledge and wisdom from years of living in an effort to help them come to their fullest potential.  However, they need to want to receive it.

My prayer... that my precious son finds the direction and opportunities that he needs to create a life that is full of love and laughter.  May he find happiness in relationships, fulfillment, confidence and a career that he just 'fits' into and feels passionate about.

As the tears fall once again, I will seek comfort in that God knows what lies ahead and that he will provide the wisdom and a guiding hand through these challenging days.


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