Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Frustration sets in and can be followed with anger and general unhappiness.  When we decided to have children, it would have been nice if  the 'a how-to guide to successful parenting' was provided and customised to each individual child.  While those toddler years were exhausting, the teenage ones are not much better.  Yes, I am not having to get up through the night to deal with feeding or crying children instead, my mind fills with worry about my children and every parents wish that they, the children, could see what we see after forty plus years of experience.  

As the mother of 19 and 15 year old boys, I find these past couple of years challenging as they are moving towards independence and of course, what would parents know.  At this age, they share their opinion, challenge authority and seek a carefree life away from rules.  Reality (as parents know), is that life is far from carefree.  There is always responsibility that comes with independence.  There is always a trade-off and decision made will bring either good or bad consequences.

I love my boys and thank God for them, the joy, the tears and the frustration that comes from being a parent.  Life would not be as full if they were not here.  This makes me think about God and his children.  How many times do you think he raises palm to forehead and says "Doh!", when we don't or won't listen to him. The frustration, the tears, the sadness when we forget to listen and instead go our own selfish way through this world.  His heart breaks every time we put him last, forget to have that devotion, leave him out of decisions and then make a poor choice that lands us in hot water.  I can see him sitting on his throne, shaking his head and saying, 'why don't they just listen for I know the answer".

The most amazing thing about being a parent is that no matter what your child does (or doesn't do), no matter how far they stray, no matter the hurt you feel, you will always love them - unconditionally.   God is the same.  He sacrificed his only son so that we could be his children and call him Father.  Never does he give up on us.  Never does he stop loving us.  Never will he leave us.  Never....never...never.

It doesn't mean that we should take him for granted for one day we have to answer to God just as we expect our children to answer to authority.  As a parent, I feel I  have missed the mark at times however, through his mercy, I can seek forgiveness.  That same forgiveness, needs to be applied to my children too. 

I remember when they were little I would sweep them up in my arms, smothering them with kisses - these are memories that will never be forgotten.  God is ready to sweep you up in his arms too.  To give you the warmest of cuddles and a kiss on the forehead that lets you know that all is okay and you are loved no matter what you have done.

Unconditional love.  It knows no boundaries, it never ceases, it never gives up.  I can only pray that I provide to my children the same level of unconditional love that my Father shows me.


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