Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Days of Doubt

I'm not good enough for this!  Ever said that to yourself?  Have you ever doubted your abilities, potential, strength, courage?  I can tell you that I definately have and at times, still do.  I have my ups and downs - days of doubt - when you are convinced that you are working well outside your zone and just want to crawl back into that safe, comfortable spot where life just trundles along and you feel at ease with all that you have to do.

What I have come to realise is that with God, there is no safe zone.  He will challenge you and make you step into areas that are unfamiliar, uncomfortable and certainly at the time, unwanted.  Every aspect in you life he can choose to challenge you with.  These challenges are not to be feared but to be welcomed.  Why?  For it is through the tough, uncomfortable, unfamiliar times, that God teaches you to have self-belief, to have courage, to have strength, to have trust and most of all to have faith that he knows best.  

We cannot survive on our own.  Without faith, I would have crumbled some time ago and it is this faith that enables you to face the fiercest of battles, the strongest of foes and the days of doubt.  Faith that someone, bigger and stronger than you already knows the outcome.  He knows how long you will endure it, he knows the doubt you will feel, he knows that the tears will be there and with his strength, you will come out the other side.

For many the battle may be only beginning, for others you may be in the midst of it all and feeling overwhelmed.  Stand firm, believe, trust and have faith that God, the same God that calmed the seas and healed the sick, is standing beside you - he has your back!   Face those days of doubt head on and work through the challenge one day at a time.


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