Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Leap of Faith

That chasm is huge, the bottom unseen, the distance across too far for a mere mortal.  To even contemplate it is madness.  There is no reason to act and are plenty of reasons not to take that step.  It requires a leap of faith.

Felix Baumgartner - leap from edge of space -
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In the past week we have seen Felix Baumgartner leap from the edge of space back to earth.  A feat that one would say is impossible, yet he has proved otherwise.  As he sat in the capsule for two hours, slowly rising to the desired height for the jump, I wonder what the conversations running through his mind were?  If it was me, it would have included, "What on earth possessed you?",   "You are going to die!",  "Next time you have a brilliant idea, ignore it!".

While in my life, I am not about to leap from the edge of space, change is coming and I am not sure how I feel about it.  This unexpected change, a scenario that had never played out in my head before, has presented itself leaving my husband and I have to make a decision regarding our future employment. 

It is hard to imagine at times life outside of what we have become comfortable with.  A life in a new town, new job, new school for our son - lots of new things.  Now the thought of moving had been discussed however, the way in which this has arisen was not discussed.  A sudden change in job security and here is an opportunity to make change.

For us, we are so uncertain as to the right decision to make as we look at the impact on our life and family that any move would have.  It feels like this giant chasm has opened up and we can choose to take that leap of faith into the unknown or we can stay on the edge looking over and always wondering what life would be like 'if '.  This one is going to require a whole lot of faith to achieve what at times feels like the impossible.  To make the leap, we feel as though there is so much that must fall into place.  Much that we would say would seem impossible but we all know that sometimes, the impossible becomes possible with faith.

Perhaps it is time.
Perhaps we should.
Perhaps we shouldn't.

A life of no regrets....will this be one?   We are looking at this with a positive mindset and searching for what amazing opportunity lies before us however, that ever so comfortable position of staying where you are is also appealing.

Will we leap across that chasm or will be still be standing at the edge wondering 'what if '?  Time will tell.

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