Thursday, April 11, 2013

When Girls become Princesses

She was a shy, Kindergarten Assistant living in England.  This young woman was plucked from an average job and plunged into a life of abundance.  She was groomed, styled, mentored in the right way to act, behave, present and be.  She was to be the future Queen  of England. Diana had what every girl dreamt of… the prince, the palace, the wardrobe to die for and imagine the shoe collection!

Her life was so different post marriage to that which she had known before.  Governed by rules, appointments and decorum, she presented faultlessly to the public.  In the latter years, her personal life wasn’t quite as rosy as one would expect but nevertheless, she had the eyes of the world upon her.

For those who walk with Christ, we are girls who became Princesses.  We have all the privileges of royalty.  We can walk with heads held high, draped in the robes of royalty and with a tiara firmly positioned on our head.  We are princesses.  We are chosen.

Our life is to walk as the King walked.  To help,  to serve,  to love,  to trust and to teach.  We won’t always get it right.  However, no matter what we do, we are forgiven.  Our King wields no harsh punishments, all he asks is for us to come and seek forgiveness.  He bore the punishment for us in an event that was so significant that it remains thousands of years after and one that is celebrated worldwide once a year.

What am amazing King we serve.  What an honour to be called a Princess.  What a way to live!


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