Friday, March 22, 2013

When the blessings flow

Life is not always easy or as we think it should be.   If I was totally honest, I would have said that at 45, I would be soaking up rays on a beach in the carribean, being served by Daniel Craig, while George Clooney massages my feet.  Oh, and did I mention not having to be anywhere at anytime?  Reality is, I am sitting at a desk in rural Queensland, cooking my own meals and still running from one end of town to the other doing family things, work stuff and whatever else is thrown at me.  Not quite the same.

Regardless, the blessings flow.  God has granted me good health, two wonderful sons who are generous, gentle and sensitive.  A husband who tolerates my many mad ideas, lets me run with them and reigns me in if getting too 'out there'.  He is supportive, encouraging and many years ago contributed to 'releasing the monster' from within the shy, timid young woman who had no self confidence.

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My family amaze me.  Their resilience during tough times, their faith in God, their ability to see light in many dark situations, their humour and the amazing times we have together.  The days and nights of laughter that would see many being taken to the lunatic asylum, instead I recall these as some of the best times.

Friends...that over the years are more like family.  Those who no matter how long between visits, it only feels like yesterday.  The friends that you can openly share over a cuppa the joy, laughter and tears.  The friends who know how it feels to struggle with parenting and worrying that you have stuffed it all up.  The friends who are prepared to question you, challenge you and at the same time stand beside you during the bad days.

I am blessed.  Today, I thank God for all the blessings that he has poured out on my life.  I also ask for forgiveness for when I fail to see to wonderful people that he has put before me and take them for granted.  Life is so much more than just about material things.  It is about people.  Those precious human beings that come in to our lives, contribute so much and then unfortunately, we say goodbye.  In some cases the goodbye is way too soon.  Other times, we are given many years together where moments become cherished memories.

Take the time today to thank God for the people he has placed in your life.  I truely believe that not one person is before you without his touch.  Just stop and say thanks, for you are blessed.



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