Wednesday, March 6, 2013

All I Ever Have to Be

Have you ever wondered what your purpose on earth is?  Have you ever really tried to understand why God made you the way you are?  I have, I do and have been doing so for the past few years.

As a child I had dreams, many of which where played out in childhood games.  I believe these dreams are our deepest desires coming to the surface.  It could be marriage and kids, travel, adventure or performing to the masses, whatever it was, it is part of you.

Over the past 3 years, I have asked myself lots of questions. Some I have found answers for and others, well, I am still searching and analysing.  Last night as I cooked tea for my hungry tribe, some words of a song that I haven't heard for years, came into the head.  "All I ever have to be is what you made me" - a song by Amy Grant from my years of youth.  Wow, where on earth did that come from?  It then dawned on me.  That is my answer.  

I now start to realise that I don't have to be what everyone else expects me to be.  I don't have to comply with what others may suggest is the right thing for me.  I don't have to be a certain way, I don't have to act like this or that.  What I do need to do is to be me.  Simply, utterly, completely me.  Just the way that God intended.  Where that leads, what comes as part of that journey is absoutely, totally fine.  

Being authentic and true to yourself is not always easy, particularly when you question who 'you' are.  For some of us, it can be a lifelong search and I think there is the risk that we will miss so much if we keep our head in this space for too long.  We will miss the magic of moments, the joy of life and the beauty that surrounds us in the form of family, friends and life in general. 

Sometimes I think we search too hard for answers.  We feel the need to be able to see years ahead but that is not real.  We can plan for the future and anticipate what might happen however,  we will never be able to see everything that lies ahead.  If your quest to discover yourself is in full steam or just leaving the station, can I ask you to do one thing?  Take a seat near the window and remember to look out and enjoy the view.  At every station, get out, stretch your legs and immerse yourself in your surroundings.  Whatever you do, don't stay sitting in your carriage wishing that you could be part of what was going on outside.  Stop over analysing and actually accept that all you have to be is who God made you to be. 


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