Thursday, February 28, 2013

Emptying the Cupboard

The clock has just passed midnight and here I am still trying to get to sleep.  The body is weary however, to slip into a deep slumber seems impossible.

Do you have nights like this?  Nights when you are just so tired and desperately need a good night's sleep but the mind doesn't want to give in.  In years past, as my head hit the pillow I would be in la-la land.  Now, I lie hear listening to every noise, including that of a peaceful, sleeping, snoring husband while my mind is full of words, thoughts, ideas, tomorrow, next year!

It's not that I am worrying about anything in particular, there is just stuff in the head that won't shut down.  Where is that off switch when you need it!

Perhaps it is a sign of cleanout time.   A cleanout of the 'mental' cupboard which hoards so much 'stuff'.   You know, the place where all the bits and pieces from life are stored 'just in case' we need it again.  A place where good and bad baggage hibernates for years on end in the hope of seeing daylight once again. Aahhh, if I reach right back, yes the far back corner on the right, I am sure there are some items of interest that date back too many years to remember.  Some of these items are probably more like mouldy toast and belong in a toxic landfill.

Our mind is so powerful, so amazing yet we fill it with so much stuff that is of no further use or that which actually stops us from moving forward.   Our memories can be precious or hurtful and we generally find a mix of both tucked safely inside.   

So, today the emptying of the mind begins where only the useful stuff remains that is relevant and worthy.   I want to fill my head with positive 'stuff',  items of interest, growth, smiles, laughter and that are precious to me.  That mouldy toast is about to find a new home and will be waiting on the curb in the wheelie bin for the garbo man to move to a more suitable location.

What's filling up your mental cupboard?  Is it memories that make you stronger, positive and value yourself?  Or are they full of negativity and remind you of times when you felt worthless and insignificant?


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