Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wake up and feel woeful

Blah!  That just about sums up how I feel today.  The sore throat, the congested head.  Looks like a fluey bug has finally found a place to live for a few days.

So much that I want to do or should be doing however I certainly don't feel like doing anything.  Client meetings will have to be cancelled, jobs delayed all because of this dreaded bug.  Here I was last night thinking I was feeling better and then to wake up this morning feeling worse than I went to bed.

It is easy to go into overwhelm looking at that growing to-do list and start wondering how I will catch up as one day out feels like you become a week behind.  One thing I have learnt over the past few years is not to worry.  Worry gets you nowhere....except high anxiety, stressed out, unable to enjoy life and unable to cope.  

A wise man once said...

"So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself..." 
- Matthew 6:34

So today, I am going to curl up with a snug blanket, a warm cuppa, a couple of cold tablets and a comfy pillow.  If I feel better later, I might just return to the office and see if my head is able to comprehend text, decifer code and find some element of creativity for my clients.


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