Friday, February 8, 2013

Give me 30...

In just 30 minutes I can...

* Have a load of washing completed
* Completed the grocery shopping
* Cleaned the bathrooms
* Washed the floor
* Made dinner for the hungry crowd
* Watched an episode of my favourite TV show
* Read a few of chapters from a book 

Not too bad a list and I am sure that you could easily add to this!  However, in just 30 minutes I can start my day on an absolute high.  Before you does not include coffee either!


By doing one simple thing that will put you in a better frame of mind than any chocolate or coffee hit can ever do.  It will get you excited about facing the day and the future.  It will bring you peace and comfort in times of despair.  It will raise hopes, dissipate fear, settle the voices in your head and help you to look forward.  

What is it you ask?

You do require just a couple of things...mp3 player, headphones and walking shoes.  Take 30 minutes out of your day in the morning, tune in to your favourite Christian music and start walking.  The earlier the better, in summer I find around 6am is just perfect.  The feeling of the filtered sunshine of a new day on your face, listening to the birds, seeing that early morning fog and taking just 30 short minutes to spend with God.  It is a glorious time.   A time to listen quietly with no demands from the family, no phones, no interruptions, no work - just you and Him.

I know for some getting up early is a struggle and not all of us are 'morning people'.  For me, I am finding this the best 30 minutes of my day.  If you see me out being dragged around the streets by two fluffy white puppy dogs with smiles on their faces too, simply wave and I apologise for my singing in advance :)


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