Thursday, February 14, 2013

Learning to Fly Again

You lie battered and bruised on the ground.  One would think that you have been hit by a truck and then it reversed over you just to make sure.  Every piece of your self-worth and confidence are lying shattered in a million pieces around you.  Tears roll down your cheeks as the initial shock hits.  Those words were cruel, actions uncalled for and well, it came like a bolt out of the blue with no warning.  Just when you were feeling good about yourself, just when you were starting to make progress - BAM!

So where to from here?   You can sit silently in the shadows waiting for someone to come past and pick you up, tell you it will all be okay and help you on your feet.  Is that what you want?  Is that what you need?   I remember feeling so worthless and fearful that I kept the blinds closed for weeks and was quite happy never to have to face the outside world again.  I could have easily been deemed a recluse and stayed safely tucked away from that big, bad world.  It was only there to hurt and I had experienced quite enough at that stage.

Over the next weeks I worked through those feelings, and yes I talked out loud to myself often.  God didn't miss out either.  I screamed, I shouted, I cried as this gamet of emotions poured out and all the hurt, disappointment and pain revealed itself.  Then something happened.  I made a mental note that all must change if I want to move forward.  No more sulking like a child in the corner, no more 'woe is me' attitude.  I needed to mend these broken wings and learn to fly again.

As I look back now, I can see that from pain and heartache comes growth.  It is in these times that we discover more about ourselves than we ever could from a lifetime of pure happiness and perpetual smiling.  God does this for a reason.  He knows that if our days are forever bright and sunny, we won't challenge ourselves and will 'gloss over' the areas that need improvement.  It is about learning more about what makes us tick and finding strength that we never knew we had.  For me, learning to fly has taken time and I still fall out of the nest sometimes however, God is there to pick me back up, put me back in the nest and whispers quietly, 'try again'.

Are you ready to mend your wings?  Have you had enough of hiding away in the shadows of hurt and pain?  Do you want to fly?  Reach out to the one who made you and knows every part of you, every dream, desire and deep seeded hurt.  All you have to do is ask and then take the first step of faith.



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