Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Year of Favour

I awoke early this morning and the brain kicked in as soon as the eyes opened. There is a stirring in my soul to rise, a small voice that says get up and share a cuppa with me. So, I grabbed my bible, a cuppa and sat in the stillness of the morning. As I opened my bible, the pages fell to Isaiah 61 and the words ring true to me as the morning sun rises to at the start of a new day.

This is the year. After three years of waiting, I feel that there is going to be something different this year. That gift that Jesus has promised - perhaps it is finally time to open it!

Isaiah tells me the it is the Year of the Lord's Favour. What a blessing to read this! I have felt that my journey is to motivate and inspire and have spent the last three years at times feeling like I am wandering around in the wilderness. Perhaps it wasn't the wilderness but more of a training ground. When I stop and think about what this means, I also hear the words "who are you to do this?"
I don't know the how, the where or the when but that doesn't matter. For what I do know is that if my God has said it, I believe it and it will be.

Are you heading into a year of favour? Are you listening to that small voice that talks softly, leading you and loving you. Take the time to spend a quiet cuppa with God and see what he reveals to you. Once the seed is planted, he will nourish it and prepare you for what he is calling you to do. Have patience and a year of favour will be upon you!


  1. Amen sister. I have just found your blog (via Paula Kuhnemann - Smart Woman) and will be reading regularly.

  2. LOVE this! So nice to hear the words of God put so nicely : )
    Will definitely be following thanks to finding you through Paula Kuhnemann - Smart Woman x

  3. Your comment is encouraging Shayne - thankyou. Feel free to share link with your friends and family!

  4. Your most welcome : ) I have just shared too x


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