Saturday, January 7, 2012

Winds of Change

Change. Do you go with the flow or resist? Do you fight change with every breath in your body or do you accept and move on? Change is inevitable. It will happen today, tomorrow and always. Change sweeps through a workplace, a home, a life. It can be life changing, frustrating or motivating.

I read once that it is all about the Cheese. When the cheese moves we need to move too, just like the mouse. This little nose can sniff out the cheese no matter where it goes to. It acknowledges that the cheese is no longer where it was and that to find the cheese, one must move.

Change comes in many different forms and what initially can be upsetting for some can turn to opportunity. A few years ago my cheese moved. It was unplanned, unexpected and unwanted at the time. As a result I was shaken and stirred into action. An action that would not have happened if the cheese did not move. As I look back now I can see that the moving of the cheese brought opportunity not loss. It was a period of growth (however difficult at times) and has opened doors towards a future that would not be there had I stayed in the same place, doing the same thing. I was in a rut, I needed to escape but was unable to make that decision so God made the decision for me.

In the book "Fearless" written by Max Lucado (my absolute favourite author), he speaks of how God changes our assignments. In doing so he is preparing us to change the world. Isn't that exciting! If you are experiencing change or feel that change is in the wind...don't be afraid. Embrace it and enjoy it as the winds of change sweep through your life. While you may not see purpose at the time, remember that God has everything under control. Just sit back and wait for the new direction that is enfolding for your life.

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